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All our sandwiches - besides the Beef filet, the mexican and the roastbeefsandwich - contains fresh lettuce, red onion,
bell pepper, cucumber and tomato



NEW! ROOSTER (available between 08.00 - 11.00) 
Smagsløgets brunch-sandwich. Toasted ciabatta bread with Danish butter spread. Organic omelette, Danish ham, bacon, chives and ketchup.
kr. 89,- / €12

1. The recommendation

The recommendation! Danish ham, brie cheese, bacon and homemade salsa. Sandwich cream spread.

Kr. 89,- / €12

2. Smagsløgets clubsandwich

With sliced turkey and bacon. Homemade curry dressing spread.
Kr. 89,- 
/ €12

3. Smagsløgets tunasandwich

Smagsløget's tuna sandwich. With paprika, red onions, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Emmentaler cheese by choice.

Kr. 89,- / €12

4. Roastpork

Roast pork with pickled cucumbers and Danish red cabbage. Sandwich cream spread.

Kr. 89,-  / €12

5. Oven baked BBQ chicken & Prima Donna

With oven baked BBQ chicken, bacon & prima donna cheese. Sandwich cream and guacamole spread.

Kr. 89,- / €12

6. Oven baked BBQ chicken & Cheddar 

With oven baked BBQ Chicken and cheddar cheese. Sandwich cream spread.

Kr. 89,-​ / €12 

7. Smagsløgets Mexicanen

Oven baked BBQ chicken, cheddar cheese, tortilla chips, Santa Maria salsa and jalapeños. Guacamole spread.

Kr. 89,- / €12

8. Turkey & emmentaler 

With sliced turkey, emmentaler, BBQ sauce and a bit of chili sauce. Sandwich cream spread.

Kr. 89,- / €12

9. The Smash Hit

The smash hit! Roastbeef, Spanish manchego cheese and homemade salsa. Sandwich cream and chili pesto spread.

Kr. 89,- / €12

10. The Spicy One       / 

     The spicy one! Italian ventricina, Spanish manchego cheese, jalapeños, homemade salsa, fresh chili and chili sauce. 
       Sandwich cream and chili pesto spread. With Smagsløgets homemade and secret extra strong powder! 
Kr. 89,- / €12


11. Spanish Serrano Ham 

With Spanish serrano ham, Italian mozzarella and Italian marinade. Sandwich cream and green pesto spread.

Kr. 89,- / €12

12. Spanish chili-chorizo 

Spanish chili-chorizo, fresh mozzarella, bacon and a bit of chili sauce. Sandwich cream spread.

Kr. 89,- / €12 

13.  The Lucky Potato 

The ‘lucky potato’! Roastbeef and fried potatoes. Bearnaise sauce spread.

Kr. 89,-​ / €12


14. Danish meatballs

Smagsløget's meatball sandwich! With meatballs and Danish red cabbage. Remoulade spread.

Kr. 89,- / €12

15. The Classical Hit

Roastbeef, crispy onions and pickled cucumber. Remoulade spread.

Kr. 89,- / €12 

16. Roastbeef og cheddar cheese

With roastbeef, cheddar cheese, salsa, jalapeños and BBQ sauce. Sandwich cream and chili pesto spread.

Kr. 89,- / €12 



17. Smagsløgets Prestige

'Jamon Iberico' ham and truffle cheddar. This ham is known to be the finest ham in the world; so this is simply a 'must' for your taste buds. Sandwich cream spread.

Kr. 105,- / €14

18. Gourmet Salmon 

Gourmet salmon with either dill dressing, shellfish salad or Philadelphia cream cheese. Sandwich cream spread.

Kr. 95,-​ / €13

19. A taste of Italy

Italian Bresaola. Air-dried for 3 months in the Italian Alps. An amazingly tender piece of meat with a slightly salted flavor. Completed by Italian Parmesan.

Kr. 95,- / €13


20. Smagsløgets Vegetarian

Green pesto, semi-dried tomatoes, cheddar cheese and fresh mozzarella. 

Kr. 89,- / €12


21​. Smagsløget Vegan

Falafel or roasted potatoes, semi-dried tomatoes, salsa, jalapeños and plenty of salad and vegetables.

Kr. 89,- / €12



Warm homemade Danish meatball.

1 pcs. 18,-  (€3)  / 2 pcs. 30,- (€4)

Warm homemade traditional Danish roast pork.
2 pcs. 30,-  (€4)   / 4 pcs. 55,- (€8)

Danish red cabbage or sliced pickles.
8,- / €1

Remoulade or sandwich creme. 
5,- / €1 

Ice cream 

Choose between several variants from Ben & Jerrys and Danish Frisko ice. 
69,- / €9


We'd love to hear from you


Great sandwiches

Great taste

Copenhagens best sandwichbar 


monday - thursday: 08.00 - 22.00

friday - saturday: 08.00 - 00.00

sunday: 08.00 - 22.00

Please notice the kitchen closes 15 minutes before the stated closing hour.


All lunchorders are recived by phone between 07.30 - 10.00 AM.


For larger orders write to:


Vesterbrogade 19

1620 København V 

Tlf. + 45 31 33 24 14


Marcus Wilhelm Buch Berg

tlf. +45 20 61 38 08

Julie Trudsholmb Berg




We suggest our guests in car to park on Helgolandsgade, Colbjørnsensgade or on Sankt Jørgens Allé. Alternative you can park in the parking garage right next to the store, this costs 35 DKKR for an hour.

We suggest our guests in bus to use bus 6A and stop at Trommesalen or bus 9A and stop at Planetarium.

We suggest our guests in train to stop at either Copenhagen Central Station or Vesterport st.

To get exact directions please enter your start location in the formula below. 


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